Donate for campaign: Purim 2020

When we think Purim, we think costumes, parties, fun exchanging different foods and singing. Unfortunately, not for everyone. So many don’t have costumes, parties and fun. They don’t have the means to do so.

How can we truly be happy when our brothers and sisters are not? How can we enjoy ourselves, knowing that they don’t have anything?

We are offering you this special opportunity, the zechus to share in the mitzvah of mataanot levyonim by contributing to Bais Avrohom. 100% of your donation goes directly to the families in need!!! All monies will be distributed bo bayom, true mataanot levyonim.
In this zechus, may HKBH bless you with a life full of health, wealth and all good!

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For specific prayer requests please fill in the name of the person needing a prayer as well as their mothers name. Please provide as many specifications as possible regarding the request.